Apprenticeship Voices – Testimonials from Permaculture Apprentices with Wild Abundance

Testimonials from Permaculture Apprentices It’s a big leap to become a permaculture apprentice.  Unlike taking a class, becoming an apprentice means a whole life commitment for a period of time.  It often means moving, and usually means living in rustic conditions.  It means working hard and meeting your edges.  It’s an opportunity to persevere past […]

Apprenticeship Voices – Cate’s Reflection

This is a reflection from Cate, a permaculture apprentice with Wild Abundance in 2017.  It is  a part of our Apprenticeship Voices series   Deciding to become an apprentice at Wild Abundance was the best thing that I have ever done for myself. Natalie has been an incredible mentor, guide and friend; she has an immense […]