Tools of the Woods Classes

Overview of our private Tools of the Woods Classes

In addition to helping you become more familiar with the use and upkeep of knives, axes and chainsaws, we can teach you the art of stone tools through hands-on experience in flintknapping and making a basic stone toolkit.

We also offer Natural Building Classes during our normal school year.

Edges 1: Knife and Axe

Participants become very familiar with two of our most important tools, whether in the woods or on the homestead. Class includes sharpening techniques, safe and efficient usage, mauls and wood splitting, maintenance, recognizing quality tools and small woodworking projects.

Length: full-day

Edges 2: Survey of Homestead Tools

Continue getting acquainted the many sharp tools we use to get jobs done without electricity: hand saws, draw knives, hand drills, brace and bits, froes, adzes, broad axes, and others. Sharpening, maintenance, basic handle making and tool shopping tips are included in this session.

Length: flexible: half-day or full-day

The Primitive Edge

Explore the fundamentals of making stone tools (flintknapping) from flint and other types of stone. Students each make a basic stone tool kit including blades, scrapers, drills and burins.

Length: half-day or full-day (flexible depth)


Get comfortable using this amazing modern time saver, and produce your own heating fuel. Instruction includes safety, basic tree felling, bucking, saw maintenance, and more.

Length: half-day or full-day (preferably full-day)

Generally our rates are $50-$75 an hour, depending on the length, location and material needs of the class.  Classes that are materials intensive, or which last  4 hours or less, are generally held at Wild Abundance.  Other classes can be at other locations, though instructors charge their regular rate for one way of travel. Please contact Natalie Bogwalker with specific details about who you are and what you would like to learn by emailing