Private Homesteading Classes

Overview of our private Homesteading classes

Our Homesteading classes give students the opportunity to learn skills to live off the land, practice self-sufficiency and eventually get off the grid. We are committed to empowering people to live in collaboration with the Earth and her natural cycles.

We also offer other Homesteading Classes during our normal school year.

Garden Planning

Plan your garden so that it will produce the perfect amount of the right foods to feed your family throughout the year.

Length: half-day

Seed Saving

Learn the basics of seed saving so that you never have to buy garden seeds again!

Length: half-day

Composting Toilets 101

How to build them and how to use them safely. Why defecate into good drinking water?

Length: half-day

Disaster Preparedness

Create a personalized list of what you must do to be ready for a disaster.

Length: half-day

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Preserve the Abundance of the Season

Learn to can, pickle, dry, freeze and smoke. Each season offers a bounty all its own. We will learn how to make these bounties last so you can enjoy products that you have harvested and processed yourself all year long. You will leave the class with products we have prepared.

Below is a sampling of what you could learn in each seasonal class:

Spring: Drying greens and roots; blending pestos; making medicinal vinegars, tonics; and more.

Summer: Making and canning tomato sauce, canning peaches, pickling green beans or cucumbers, making seasonal chutnies, wild kim-chee preparation, and drying and freezing berries.

Fall: Sauerkraut preparation; mushroom drying; drying apples; processing and storage of acorns, hickory nuts, and black walnuts; making and canning applesauce; and preparing a variety of Autumn Olive products.

Winter: Learn the many ways of preserving deer meat, drying jerky, canning meat, proper wrapping and freezing techniques, and if we have time, learn to make pemmican (the ancient trail food).

Length: 1 full day

Generally our rates are $50-$75 an hour, depending on the length, location and material needs of the class.  Classes that are materials intensive, or which last  4 hours or less, are generally held at Wild Abundance.  Other classes can be at other locations, though instructors charge their regular rate for one way of travel. Please contact Natalie Bogwalker with specific details about who you are and what you would like to learn by emailing