Buckskin Classes

Overview of our private Buckskin classes

In our private Buckskin classes, we can teach you how to transform an animal hide into wearable buckskin.  We also offer classes for sewing clothing and pouches.  We also offer Primitive Skills classes and a Hide Tanning class during our normal school year.

Our ancestors worldwide have clothed themselves with skins. The brain-tan method for curing skins was used throughout North America, as well as on other continents. Learn the tradition.

Buckskin: The Process

Walk through the process of traditional hide tanning.

Timing: April, June, August, September, October

Length: half-day

Buckskin Sewing

Learn to stitch and sew buckskin using buckskin lacing, deer sinew and waxed linen. Leave the class with a handout which will guide you in your future stitching.

Length: 1 day

Buckskin Belt Pouches

Make a belt pouch. Learn a plethora of sewing techniques, including gussets, welts and stitches such as the running stitch, French twist, baseball stitch, blanket stitch and whip stitch.

Timing: Anytime

Length: 1 day

Buckskin Garment Craft

Learn how to create patterns specific for buckskin and to lay out patterns on buckskin. Get guidance on stitching a garment that will be comfortable and fit your body perfectly. Learn care and upkeep for your new buckskin garments. Material can be your own buckskin or buckskin purchased from Natalie.

Timing: Anytime

Length: half-day introduction or full-day immersion

Generally our rates are $50-$75 an hour, depending on the length, location and material needs of the class.  Classes that are materials intensive, or which last  4 hours or less, are generally held at Wild Abundance.  Other classes can be at other locations, though instructors charge their regular rate for one way of travel. Please contact Natalie Bogwalker with specific details about who you are and what you would like to learn by emailing WildAbundanceNC@gmail.com.