Basic Primitive Skills

Overview of our private Basic Primitive Skills classes

In these private classes, you’ll learn the basics of survival in the wild: shelter, water, fire and food.  We also offer Primitive Skills classes during the school year.

Survival Weekend

Learn the basics of survival in the wild: shelter, water, fire and food. Build a debris shelter, find water and treat it for drinking and cooking, make and maintain a primitive fire, gather and process seasonal wild food, cook on your fire, and learn about primitive trapping.

Length: 2 full days and 1 night, can be adjusted to include 1 more night

Introduction to Primitive Skills

For thousands of years our ancestors lived without electricity, petroleum or even steel tools. How did they do it? Survey the basic possessions and skills needed by a hunter/gatherer to survive, specifically in the Southeastern US. Explore the wide variety and many uses of natural resources utilized by the people of this area. What are the qualities of different plants, species of woods, types of stone, parts of animals, and how do these qualities make them useful for certain tasks? This class is part cram-course, part show-and-tell with opportunities to try your hand at some of the following primitive skills: atlatls (spear throwers), blowguns, pump drills, stone axes, bow-drill fire making, etc.

Length: half-day or full-day (flexible depth)

Introduction to the Art of Fire

The importance of fire to human comfort can hardly be overstated. It provides us with warmth, light and safety, and it allows us to cook our food, purify our water, turn our clay into ceramics, waterproof our animal skins, harden our spear shafts and dry our meat. Learn the basics of fire making: “one-match” fires, finding and selecting good materials, the flint and steel method, fire in wet conditions, using fire as a tool, and an introduction to friction fire.

Length: full-day

Intermediate Fire Making

This class focuses on the bow-drill method of making friction fire. Students will be instructed on how to make their own five-part fire set, how to find and then select the best materials, and correct bow-drill technique and form.

Length: full-day


Build a survival shelter.

Length: half-day

Generally our rates are $50-$75 an hour, depending on the length, location and material needs of the class.  Classes that are materials intensive, or which last  4 hours or less, are generally held at Wild Abundance.  Other classes can be at other locations, though instructors charge their regular rate for one way of travel. Please contact Natalie Bogwalker with specific details about who you are and what you would like to learn by emailing