Private Classes

Overview of our Private Classes

Wild Abundance offers private classes to those who wish to learn and dive into more specific skills for living with the land.  The following are the categories of classes offered by Wild Abundance. Please click on a category to see a list of classes and descriptions. Any of our classes may be offered to individuals, groups or schools. Classes may be combined to create any number of programs. Please contact us for availability and prices.

Generally our rates are $50 – $75 an hour, depending on the length, location and material needs of the class.  Classes that are materials-intensive, or which last  4 hours or less are generally held at Wild Abundance.  Other classes can be at other locations, though instructors charge their regular rate for one-way of travel. Please contact Natalie Bogwalker with specific details about who you are and what you would like to learn at

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Basic Primitive Skills Classes

Learn the basics of survival in the wild: shelter, water, fire and food.

Buckskin Class

Buckskin Classes

We can teach you how to transform an animal hide into wearable buckskin.  We also offer classes for sewing clothing and pouches.

Spinning Fiber

Crafts Classes

We offer a variety of classes that teach you the traditional way of making brooms, baskets, visors, and more using materials harvested in nature.


Food and Medicine Classes

Learn to make food and medicine from plants you see everyday.  We can teach you to make fermented drinks, teas, and even process nuts, animals and preserve the abundance season after season.


Homesteading Skills Classes

Our Homesteading classes give students the opportunity to learn skills to live off the land, practice self-sufficiency and eventually get off the grid. We are committed to empowering people to live in collaboration with the Earth and her natural cycles.

Luke kneeling wild foods hike

Plant Walks

Immerse yourself in the plant world of the breathtakingly vibrant Southern Appalachians. We offer plant walks in the woods and urban areas to help you identify useful and edible plants and trees.

2015 Flint knapping in pit

Tools of the Woods Classes

In addition to helping you become more familiar with the use and upkeep of knives, axes and chainsaws, we can teach you the art of stone tools through hands-on experience in flintknapping and making a basic stone toolkit.

Deadfall trap

Survival Classes

Love survival shows?  Interested in trying it out with someone who can show you how? We can teach you the skills needed to survive in the wild over multi-day excursions in the woods.