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A huge thank you for registering with Wild Abundance. You will receive shortly an email confirming this registration.

If you have not paid yet through PayPal, scroll down to see the payment options, and fill out the Worktrade or Payment Plan applications if you selected one of these on your class registration.

You will also be receiving updates and more information for preparing for this class as we approach it.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions you might have. Thanks again!


Wild Abundance is a small business and we rely on tuition payments in order to offer our classes and programs.  Often the contribution of just one or two students will put us past the break-even point (we pay guest instructors, purchase materials, etc.).  We hope that you understand we do not issue refunds for tuition payments unless you suffer a serious personal or family emergency that renders you incapable of attending.


If you chose to mail us a check for your payment, here is the address:

Wild Abundance

PO BOX 1991

Asheville, NC 28802


In some cases we offer a payment plan option so that you can spread the cost of a class out over several weeks or months (depending on the class). We generally ask folks on a payment plan to pay, in total, a “middle” price on the sliding scale. (Or, if the class is a set price, we will add a $75 admin fee to the total).  This is for two reasons.  First, payment plans are “riskier” for us because students may drop out of a class after making only one or two payments.  Second, keeping track of payments made and reminding folks to make payments is more work on our part.


One of the main ways that we make our classes financially accessible is by offering worktrade options.  Some classes have full and partial worktrade options, some just have partial worktrade available.  You will find worktrade applications on the individual pages of each class with details about hours, deposits, etc. There is a fee associated with applying for worktrade so that we can cover our administrative overhead and know that you are serious about taking the class. We also ask worktraders to pay a deposit or furnish some other kind of collateral, which will be returned upon completion of their hours.  Many worktrade activities are not glamorous and may be repetitive and/or strenuous.  We try to match worktrade tasks with interest and ability as best we can.  Worktrade is great help to us.  Managing worktraders (scheduling, tasks, etc.) is also work on our part.  We ask for your patience, understanding and flexibility if you decide to worktrade for a class.

One last Thank you for signing up to take a class with us. Making this choice to come learn with us will bring you joy and empower you to become more self-sufficient. We are excited to join you on this journey.