Women’s Rewilding Weekend:
Remembering our
Ancestral Skills

Women’s Rewilding Weekend: Remembering our Ancestral Skills
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May 4 – 7, 2018

A Weekend of Rewilding for Women

Women have a deep physiological and spiritual connection with creation.  All of us have female ancestors who have lived in connection with the Earth’s patterns and cycles.  Their daily lives, and those of their families, were deeply reliant on that connection.  In these modern times, we organize our lives on our phones, communicate via the Internet, and live in a culture so very estranged from the Earth.  

Most of us are far removed from our ancestral roles and rhythms, but it is possible to come back to them.  This is a process some call “rewilding.”  Now more than ever, it is vital for us to come together to reconnect, to remember what it means to be human and female, and to explore the path toward rewilding for women.

Focus is placed on creating a safe, comfortable, relaxed and fun learning environment in which students with beginning to intermediate skill levels can thrive.  We focus on helping each student learn rather than the progression of projects. 

Rewilding for Women Rewilding Program


During this special weekend, we will learn and practice some of the essential, beautiful skills and rituals that have woven us together for millenia.  We will gather around a fire; we will harvest, prepare and eat foods from the Earth; we will sing together; and we will remember our ancestors through the crafts that were integral to their lives.  Using our hands and hearts, we will connect with each other and with the nature of womanhood, throughout the ages and across all walks of life.

Rewilding is about integration, not about going back in time.  It’s about making space for the ancient, undomesticated part of ourselves to come forward, even in the modern world.

Women’s Rewilding Weekend is limited to 20 participants.  It is important to us to create an intimate space in which to share.  

Emphasis is placed on creating a safe, comfortable, relaxed and supportive environment.  We focus on everyone’s learning and growth above perfecting each skill.  This rewilding program is about liberating our minds and hearts to express themselves creatively, not about measurable accomplishments.

No matter where you’re coming from, whether you are a woman homesteader or you have never slept outdoors, we welcome you to share in this weekend of rewilding for women.

Each of the four days, we will gather for morning, afternoon and evening sessions.  As we approach skills and projects, we will begin by weaving in the cultural significance of each one.  As we learn and practice together, there will be plenty of space for discussion and sharing.  Lunches will be provided each day.  Evening sessions will take place around a fire.  

Skills we will explore in a relaxed atmosphere that honors both ambition and repose:

  • Medicine Making
  • Moon and Menstrual (and Menopausal) Ritual
  • Wildcrafting
  • Wild Foods Cookery
  • Friction Fire
  • Firewood Splitting
  • Cheesemaking
  • Soapmaking
  • Felting
  • Basketry with Willow and Kudzu
  • Singing and Songsharing
Rewilding for Women Rewilding Program basket making classes
herbalist class, wildcrafting classes, herbal medicine training, botany classes
We are saving the following for our weekend in 2019:
Sweat lodge construction and ritual, fire tending and carrying, buckskin bikini top or moccasin making, primitive parenting, cordage,  broom making, felting, and more.

Local Accommodations

While some locals prefer to commute to Wild Abundance from Asheville, students from the area and out of town are welcome to pitch a tent in one of our flat camping spots in the woods or field, or to tie a hammock in the forest on our seven-acre property.  We strongly suggest bringing a very warm sleeping bag and bedding during cold months.  We do have a fully functioning outdoor kitchen and bathroom, though in extremely cold weather, sometimes one or both are out of operation due to the water freezing.

If you prefer something more conducive to creature comforts, we suggest browsing Airbnb (there are a few within walking distance of the school) or checking out a local motel within a 10-15 minute drive to Wild Abundance.

Comfort Inn in Mars Hill, NC


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We strive to make our classes accessible to those who wish to learn. Please pay on the sliding scale what you can afford, given your income.

The following are included in the price of the course: instruction, optional camping, and facility use (kitchen, bathroom).  

Women’s Rewilding Weekend Pricing

May 4-7, 2018

  • Early Bird Price: Now – March 23, 2018:      $400-$600
  • Regular Bird Price: March 24 – April 20, 2018:      $500 – $800
  • Late Bird Price: April 21 – May 4, 2018:      $600 – $900

To register, please complete the registration form (by clicking the button above) and then make payment. Registration will be processed upon receipt of payment.  

Expect to receive a confirmation email within one week of sending payment. Additional emails will cover logistical details as the adventure approaches.  

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