Author: Natalie Bogwalker

American Persimmon…facts and recipes

American Persimmon aka: Sugar Plum Family: Ebenaceae (Ebony family) Latin name: Diospyros virginiana Harvest time: October-November Uses: food… so sweet   Habitat and Cultivation tips: I generally find fruiting American Persimmons at an elevation between 700 and 2700 feet. They seem to prefer well drained soil, but are also found near creeks. They grow in […]

Vegetarian for Ethical Meat

Natalie greeted me with warmth, and welcomed me to her outdoor classroom, where students from all walks of life gather for weekend intensives on organic gardening, permaculture design, natural building, wild-food identification, hide tanning, and butchery. “In order to reconnect with the earth,” she told me, “we have to understanding where our food comes from, […]