About Us

Our Mission

Wild Abundance offers classes and consultations in off-grid living, organic gardening, natural building, permaculture, primitive skills, and eco-homesteading  in a community setting on a real, functioning and breathtaking homestead.  Our instructors and consultants bring deep knowledge, vast experience and unbridled passion to make learning and
reconnecting a joy.

The Problem

People are becoming more and more disconnected from the physical world, losing their sense of belonging in natural environments, with each other and in their own bodies.  Industrial society and patriarchy are destroying the Earth as
we know it.

A Solution

Learning skills for Earth-based self-sufficiency and interdependence re-empowers people with confidence and competence, bringing them together around authentic ways to live.  We are laying down roots here!

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The School


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Our Land


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Our Partners

Peruse our essential partners who uniquely aid in our goal of empowering society to deepen its connection to nature and the skill sets that center us in our ecological niche.

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Meet our medley of knowledgeable instructors who are engaging, hilarious and renowned for the contributions they’ve made in their respective fields.